Tiki Oasis

My first Tiki Oasis

We headed to Palm Springs and had a blast! Because we had a suit, we stopped at Trader Joe’s on the way and picked up several pre made frozen foods such as pizzas, pastas, taquitos, enchiladas,etc. Not to mention some good beer and a big bottle of Honey Baron! Off to Palm Spring’s Caliente Tropics. This hotel was built in 1964 and encompasses the days of America’s favorite past times, the Luau by the pool. Not to mention it being a center piece of Palm Springs history in the das of stars and swinging parties. Pop culture has preserved those days in tis little town with everything from the Mid Century architecture to the many galleries that provide the art work and furnishings one requires to complete there swinging pad.

Land of The Lost


A pirate and a maiden

A Savage and a gent

Two Savages!

This party included Lounge singer and bands, Burlesque, themed nights included Pirates and Savages, and even a traditional scavenger hunt for the kiddies led by the King Kukulele! Also debuting there hot new old school style stag flick, The Martini King,s Camp Burlesque, which was enjoyed mid way through the rest of the stage entertainment via giant screen by the pool.
I enjoyed authentic Tiki rum drinks in the hotels Tiki hut style bar and lounge with friends and kept my budget in tact with pit stops at our suit for snacks. All the more money saved, I could use for the market place. Cute clothes, mugs, clothing patterns, prints…you name it!
I had such a great time! I had planned on attending everyone of them from then on.

The Waffle King!!!

Well, I’ll be going to 10 this year. I have my room booked at The King’s Inn and my best gal pal will be flyin’ in from the Lone Star State to spend their 8th year anniversary and a bit of a reunion for us! Totally thrilled about it.


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