Happy Little Haus Frau… In The Making


Another chance at a new, somewhat normal, life has begun this New Year. I have been unpacking and it’s so funny to see how much kitchen and bar ware I have accumulated these past several years. It’s exciting to see this stuff coming out and being put to good use. Perhaps, as I go, I will document how things are coming along. Who knows? Maybe I will have finally found my [THEE] blog title and subject. I think I’ll try out once a week and go from there.

So far, I have my dishes, glasses, cups and mugs put away. I have cleaned and polished my Heywood Wakefield living/dining pieces. We just need to get a few extra shelf tabs to put in the shelves and some glass doors for the hutch. These pieces were a gift from a good friend. They had been in her grandmother’s house for the past 40-50 years. Ironically, they match my family’s bedroom pieces. I already have my eye on a vanity at the local antique mall! I will post pics of the furniture as I go. We have also decided to build a bar. At the moment, we need to have tall chairs and stools because of the pets. I’m on the look out and they HAVE to be comfortable.

We have also decided to try to have a specific menu for the week. We’re talking about starting with

  • Sunday– Italian
  • Monday– Meatless
  • Tuesday– Mexican
  • Wednesday– Random Pinterest Recipe
  • Thursday– Asian
  • Friday– Fish
  • Saturday– BBQ

This is an attempt to control our grocery list and budget. I’ll post the minute it starts.  Then there’s more bamboo living room furniture that’s coming. All 11 pieces! And my vintage store. So much to do!!! I hope I can manage school!


This is going to be a happy little life, I will be a happy little Haus Frau.


Next post:

Pics of furniture, cleaned and utilized.

What’s for dinner? Recipe and pics (including links to sources, if any)

What’s new at my shop, Venice Beach Trading Co?


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