Furniture is Coming Along

A bit of Old English and some elbow grease, and the Heywood Wakefield pieces are coming to life. I can start to figure where I’m putting them and what to put in them.

This little piece is perfect for my coffee table books. It looks like I need some practice holding the camera steady O_O

Heywood Wakefield book case

Heywood Wakefield book case2

This hutch is a bit bigger. I’m thinking, once I place the desk, this could be a nice cabinet to keep my office supplies, printer paper/ink, etc. I started with three Franciscan Ware bowls. I now have two. Moving so much DEFINITELY takes it’s toll, no matter how well you pack.

Heywood Wakefield cabinet2

Figurine and Bowls

Franciscan Ware

As much as I would like to replace that mid size bowl, I have a feeling I’m pipe dreaming. I have never see these pieces, elsewhere. Moving on.


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