How Is The Weekly Food Menu Working Out?

Well, amazing. How easy is it to shop when you know it’s going to be ‘Meatless Monday’ or Taco Tuesday’??? So easy. We have been doing a lot of mushrooms and Indian food for Mondays. Tuesdays have entailed tacos of every kind. Grilled chicken, Cajun shrimp, pulled pork, fresh caught fresh-water fish, Alaskan salmon and steak all cooked in all ways. I will have to say it’s a fun night. If I can get a pic before I start inhaling, I will! Trader Joe’s  has been our main resource. Cheaper, healthier, and pretty darn delicious. It is totally working, even when we are in between jobs, we still make fabulous breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bad Haus Frau needs to get those pics and recipes up soon!


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