I love Fluff. Their characters are adorable and very girlie. They fall right in line with Pin Up, Rockabilly and Burlesque. I am a bit of a bag/luggage whore, so, they have got me by achilles. Check out their train cases, luggage tags, make up bags….OH MY. Have I mentioned that I am also a sucker for great packaging. Hi. Yes, I am their target demographic. I found them in a sampler shop, in Santa Monica. I was shoping for a gift for my gal pal, Evie, and saw a cigar box with these colors and graphics, I had to open it it. I would not have been surprised if it were bon bons or cupcakes, mind you. This box contained a t-shirt. SOLD! Ring ‘er up, I’m on my lunch break.

Another thing I really like about them, is that they offer a variety of mobile phone skins. Not just everything i. I do not own apple, and I have serious issues with becoming a slave to the i. So, thank you, Fluff, for considering the rest of us. I am going koo koo for the Hula Lulu, right now.

And then you have the Wall Dolls. So sweet, my teeth ache. Inspired by chalk ware. They are too cute for words. I can’t help but think that I’d decorate my baby girl’s room with this. I don’t have children, maybe that’s a good thing?

My fav design collection from Fluff

My fav design collection from Fluff


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