It’s been a while…

We have definitely come a long way, when it comes to shopping and cooking food. Since I opened this category, we had figured out the system we wanted to try out works very well. Not only does it help with what to make, it helps with the actually shopping. Just take each day and name it. We go by this system:

  1. Mon – Meatless Monday
  2. Tues – Taco Tuesday
  3. Wed – Pinterest Recipe
  4. Thurs – Asian
  5. Fri- Seafood
  6. Sat – BBQ
  7. Sun – Pasta

This has really worked. Of course, you need to get a little more involved when it comes to breakfast and lunch. I make the Mr. lunch for work and breakfast is usually bigger on the weekends. So, we make sure to get plenty of salads and sandwich stuff, as well as plenty of eggs, potatos and bacon.

I will start posting pics of the food we make. It hasn’t been easy. When you don’t have the camera on hand, and you’re starving, the food gets devoured before I can grab it. But, I’ve got a good collection, now, and I plan to keep it up. I hope you enjoy it.


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