Akynos Shekera…her little girl

Akynos Shekera
September 20
yes. my girl is feeling better today. after yesterday’s cry fest over the coldness of her lover. my advice to her was that she had nothing to lose. call him and blurt out on his voice mail what you feel. or go to his house and threaten that either he talk to her or she can make a scene for the neighbors. she chose the former. and now things are falling back in place.

I’m not a big fan of reserving emotions for men. you guys have way too much control in how a relationship progresses or when it ends and it’s not fair. too many times women sit back and accept your disgusting patriarchal stance. you have much control over our hearts and many times our behaviors. many times i sit back and don’t say or do much. but then there are times when i’m like fuck that! who is he to tell me how to proceed??? I’m glad this went well. sometimes we have to wear our hearts on our sleeves because we love you.

What a smart lady, that Akynos.


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