What’s the Happs?

Well, we can see by my inconsistent posts, that I’m not a dedicated blogger. By all means, I post when I have free time or when I’m going through some of life’s bullshit, to take my mind off of things. Nope, there is no bullshit going on, for once in a very long time. I have been more busy, though, and this is good. I have warmed my heart, again, and I have found myself warming back up to my hometown and the friends that I have grown up with, here. I have found love for myself, and it is making me a very busy gal, indeed. My art classes are definitely getting more technical, and I am still finding it hard draw a FACE! Haha. “Cartoons ‘r’ Me!” So, yeah, English is easier, these days. Go figure. I am doing Fall cleaning, at the moment, before the crazy Christmas comes out. At least it transitions well, since it’s full of Nightmare Before Christmas. Disney gave me that great idea. Thanks. I finally got through every box and it is all unpacked, thrown away, sold, burned or given away.  All the winter stuff is out, brand new dog beds are ready, and my bed is 3 feet high. What? That’s right, I am the queen in my castle.

There are lot’s of changes happening, lately. For starters, we have a new computer, and I’m too lazy to transfer all of my food pics and recipes. I’m also up to my eyeballs in English essays, so the Haus of Yum! will be on hold for a bit. I have opened a savings account for my first trip to Italy, and I’m so freakin excited about that. My debut as a vender, at the Las Vegas Burlesque Festival Bazaar was awesome. Everyone loved my junk and I sold several pieces. Very kool. I still need a car, I just don’t care all that much about it. I get around, just fine, as it is. For as long as I haven’t had one, I just do not miss it, and I have no problems getting myself where I need to be, thank you, very much. The house is just about ready for company, as I have planned a stitch and bitch for the middle of Nov. The walls are getting painted, little by little, with the colors of my choice. We have acquired a lovely little dining room table that fits, perfectly. I love free stuff ; ) Eventually, I will have them redone to match everything else. I’m also expecting another piece of furniture that’s coming in from San Diego. A little antique patio chair and ottoman, freshly upholstered especially for me. So nice. I will be taking new pics of the house’s progress, as soon as I’m done with mid terms ; ) Marky got ants in his pants and bought the wrong blue (mermaid song), and our dining room looks like Lindo Michoacan. O_O Orale!

So, until the pics get transferred, and the homework gets easier (right), I will be posting, vaguely, for who ever wants to read. It will be, mostly, jibber jabber, snark, sarcasm, and rambling. I hope you enjoy.


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