Full Steam Ahead

I had some meddling busy-body, who doesn’t know me from the moon, tell me to be an independent woman.

Here is what I have done, on my own, for the past three years.

Dec. 2010 enrolled in college, paid in full, by myself.

Production of the monthly burlesque show #1 at a local venue (made it on the Travel Channel, again)

Started work for Yelp!

Started Hot Rod Tuesdays at the local bar with Mutt and Jeff’s Classics

Cleaning houses

Performing on a regular basis as a Burlesque entertainer for Las Vegas Burlesque

Started work for Mutt and Jeff’s Classics Hot Rod Shop

Volunteered and performed as entertainment at the VLV Burlesque competition

Jan. 2011 six classes and 21 credits, in the bag

Started the second burlesque production at a downtown venue (yes, that’s two monthly shows, running)

Opened my Etsy shop for vintage items and apparel

Volunteered as stage manager for the Burlesque Hall of Fame

Continued work with Mutt and Jeff’s Classics as personal assistant, as well as, graphics/marketer

No more cleaning houses

Took time off from school to prepare for something else

Stopped work at MJC and Yelp!

Took my things out of storage

Feb. 2013 life changing event and second photo shoot for another book. This time featuring myself

and my dog ( I wish I would’ve done this in Palm Springs, but someone insisted I do it in Venice, at his house. What a shit show. What liars.)

Found my life was better without the crap I had been dealing with for the past two years

Enrolled, immediately, back into school

Back at Mutt and Jeff’s Classics

New life, new love

Lost my dog of 20 years

New job at William-Sonoma

Found that I had taken 12 extra classes

Learned I need to take four more to declare major

Two more to go

New job at Human Resources

New house

Debuted my shop at the LV first annual Burlesque Fest

Furnished house

Painting mother’s condo and other side jobs

Punk rock reunion; I really do have a shit ton of friends

Now that I no longer hide. Now that I have spent the time, alone, I feel more normal than I ever have. Funny how someone can form an opinion about you and have not a clue what you’ve been through, nor, what it is you do. I have come home and found myself. I was here, all along. I merely lost myself, when I ran away, and found myself in the company of shit. All I can do is look back and say good riddance. The fact remains that I have put up with PLENTY, I have done PLENTY, I am doing plenty. And it’s nobody’s damn business, but I thought I make it clear, for the record.

I did that.

I did that.

Done for me.

Done for me.

I did some more.

I did some more.

I was the guest.

I was the guest.


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