Pieces from my Family’s Dry Cleaners

My grandpa, grandma, and a couple of aunts ran this dry cleaners, just off Fremont Street, for years. Grandpa had moved the family, from tje Bronx, to Vegas, after he decided the mafia life was no life for his loved ones. We suspect he changed our family name from DeBenidetto to Benedict, to protect us from anyone who may come looking for him. He bought  house, on Bruce street, just down the street from the cleaners. He put my mom and uncles in school and started a new life. Here are some of the remnants of the cleaners.

Pieces from my Family's Dry Cleaners

This was our address and phone no.

Remember these bad babies?

Remember these bad babies?

Excellent Condition

Excellent Condition

I can remember playing with the sheers. They had to hide them from me, for fear I’d cut off my fingers.

They do not make thread like that, anymore.

It still works!

Little bit of this and that

In tact in it’s box

Singer How Tos

Mark your cloth with crayons


Yep, a hem gauge


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