Mmmm Mmmm Baked Mac n Chz

My second attempt at making macaroni and cheese was a phenomenal success. Not that the first was bad. Last year, we had experimented with several ingredients and prepared it several different ways. None of them were amazing. They were all dry. I realize that, every now and then, I crave the Kraft crap. I realize it has the nutritional value of a Crayola Crayon, but I do think about it. I do realize that I will not ever be able to simulate the yellow dyed sauce, but we can try. Think about Fondue. It’s creamy and cheesy, right? There are ways around this!

So, last night I made my second Baked Mac n Chz, ever. The response has me still smiling, this morning. It was the best batch, ever. And the best tasting, of all. Wow! What did I do? I’ll tell you. I layered my ingredients. I used three cheeses, Making sure to grate the cheddar. The grated cheese is key. You start layering the cheeses, and whatever else, with the cooked mac. I layer spinach, and I saute mushrooms to mix with the elbows. Lastly, I covered the top with prosciutto ham and popped it in the oven for about 20. min. It turned out super cheesy and super delicious.



Super Cheesy Mac n Chz with Prosciutto

Super Cheesy Mac n Chz with Prosciutto


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