Updates on My Haus

big_boyWe had to help find this fella a new home, within a day. I had it re-homed, by a friend, within 31 minutes of my post. He has a new family and is safe. My second rescue. bettieHere’s my first. I saved her from freezing to death. She is now Bettie Lou and lives with my friend, in luxury, with her new family. The fact that I stopped hiding from the shame of being completely swindled by a loser, led me to reach back out to my people in this town. Yeah, to me [us], it’s still a town. And they were there, I just had to ask. My friends rock.

grillI have learned how to grill.salsaI have learned how to make insane salsa.

boatsI found this.tikisAnd adopted these.petFound a new pet, after bringing in all of my plants from the heat wave.

panalHad the Mr. install faux wood paneling, like we grew up with, in the living room.

mallRecreated the Sears in Riverside.

riversideI’m still working on the sky and other details…

mall2Much better.

el_cortWe got a little bit of rain, after the heatwave. This shot was taken from the top of the El Cortez. That’s us, getting douched back there. I sure do wish we had more of these. Of course the Linq River was in extreme flow.

bathAnd, now, it’s time to work on the bathrooms. This will look great with the pink/gold/brown/turquoise pallet I have chosen.


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