Somber Times, in the Midst of Kicking Life’s Butt

I woke up today to the news of a fav Lowbrow Artist, The Pizz, passing. The details are not clear, but the fact is it was sudden. My dear friend announced her cousin had passed, last night. As well as Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Wes Craven. And we shall not forget about Bo Huff’s passing, a couple of weeks ago. It’s hard to go to your FB page to announce another step towards victory, in your own life, when there is such pain and sorrow in my news feed. I do my best to keep sharing my friend’s, who have passed, GoFundMe accounts, in order to keep the support coming to their children, and to my dear friend who is collecting donations to spend the last moments of her life, with her daughter, doing fun things.
Yeah, it seams selfish. I also see that things, both good and bad, happen every day. I realize you can still see the positives and the good in other things, when we go through these times. My friend, Kristi, had four tumors removed from her brain and 6 months worth of chemo, and she kicked it’s ass. We all grieve in different ways. Mine is to keep the house quiet and stay alone, with my thoughts. I typically pour over photos and memories, but since I have a studio, the doodling and painting happens, more and more. I think that’s an amazing way to get you feelings out. I feel blessed for having the tools and means to express them, as well as blessed to have known several people who are no longer with us. Keep them in your heart, and they will never go away.

Doodle of my best girl, Sweet Pea, from 1998 on a fishing trip in Mammoth Lakes.

Doodle of my best girl, Sweet Pea, and I from 1998 on a fishing trip in Mammoth Lakes. RIP, girl.

RIP Bo Huff

RIP Bo Huff

Please help Laci out, if you can.

Please help Shannon’s sons out, if you can. Troy’s Boys

Rest in Peace El Pizzo

             Rest in Peace El Pizzo


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