This shop…and Everyone’s a Picker

Things have been slow, lately. New jobs (yes, I work a real job), new vehicles, new bills. One would be nuts to think they could make a living, these days, from picking, alone. Thanks to the Discovery and History channels, my work as a dealer has been completely compromised. Everyone and their Uncle is a picker or collector. The collector pages, on FB, are full of posts with pics of some item in a GW or Estate sale asking what it’s worth. Or the jackass who comes to my yard sale and starts looking up everything I have out, and proceeds to chastise me about sentimental pricing. Go to hell! I will never have another yard sale, as long as I live! I have probably had over 100, here and in Ca. I had a pretty successful Ebay shop, until the fees and rates and siding with the buyer started up. I took most of my loot off Etsy, because I hate shipping glass, I rent out my clothes and shoes, and there are way too many stores selling the same stuff. Thankfully, we have an amazing little local community, via FB, that I use to find and sell goodies. I am working on my custom printed fabrics, and once they are produced, I can add those things to my stores inventory. So, I have basically learned how to use one store to supply another store, online. Brilliant! As soon as my local printer gets the bolts for printing, the bolts for customer use will also be added to Etsy.


Four out of the eight dogs that we need to haul up to the ghost town. This is going to be something.


Our town.

Our backyard.

Our backyard.

The previous owner left some goodies behind! Pyrex!!!

The previous owner left some goodies behind! Pyrex!!!


This may end up in my living room, in Vegas. I love it.


Another step I am taking to save my business is moving to a ghost town, in the next 10 years.  It’s funny how many jobs are actually available in these little places! Well, we have history in ours, and a full time running ranch. And that sort of thing helps a business, as well. So while we work our ‘real’ jobs, we spend our spare time building a fence around 2 1/2 acres of property, to hold my MIL’s, Mary, herd of Basset hounds in, we then fence off our property (on Mary’s property), to hold our hounds, and build the shed and park the trailer. Once we get fortified, I can take myself truckin through all the adjacent towns to find more treasure. I have my eye on a shop, on Main Street. This time, next year, I will have all of this done, plus a little bit of ranching under my belt! Each day makes me think this is what will be, and I like it! Stay tuned for more adventures with my trading co and my designs.


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