That One Time…

I have spent the past 8 years really trying to understand politics. My family were originally Democrats, having migrated here from Italy. After my grands and greats passed away, I suppose my brother started leaning, gradually, towards the Republican side. As time passed, I had no clue what was happening, in my country and the world. I had no idea my mom, and most boomers, had been asleep at the wheel, when it came to all things political. I firmly believe that we are experiencing all that we are, now, because of this foolish complacency. It wasn’t enough that my grand mother broke her back supporting and keeping our dysfunctional family together, that my mom and her brothers, and all of their generation laid back and watched it all go to crap. Sure, there were plenty of jobs, but the MINIMUM wage remained frozen in the 70s, as inflation was allowed to continue its steady growth. It was too late for my mom, when NV Power bribed her into early retirement, taking her pension all at once, putting her in a tax bracket she would have otherwise never been considered as a middle class single mother. She is now in trouble with her mortgage, as a direct effect.

I started noticing that by the time I could consider being on my own, I would clearly have to work 40 hours, or two jobs. I was fortunate enough to stay with my mom, off and on, exploring life, elsewhere. I had no direction, was never challenged to do anything. in fact, all I learned to ready me for the world was how to fold laundry and make Ramon. I was able to work many jobs, sometimes 5 at the same time. I also had a pretty wealthy boyfriend that enabled the hell out of me. But, as I got older I started to think about my near future and growing up to be something. I didn’t vote for Bubba, but I remember the scandal, like it was yesterday. I thought ‘How can so many women claim the same thing?’ I witnessed the tearing down of their characters, and the fact that old Hill stood by her man. My dad was a womanizer. This isn’t a good look, and it opens old wounds, for me, personally. I felt voting was a responsibility that I could be a part of, and I was pretty pissed about 9/11. Actually, disgusted would be a better word, for my thoughts on the Bush administration. I voted for Obama. I grew, some more, in my standards and principles. I started to wind down from being a bar bunny and a part time Burlesque dancer, and began to map out goals. School! I needed school. I fumbled and stumbled and finally chose Graphic Communication. Shortly, it came time to vote, again. Still not satisfied, I chose Romney. At this point, it had become clear, to me, that I was sick of the mudslinging, sick of the two party system (I really wanted Buddy Romer), and I was sick and tired of voting for the lesser of two evils.

Enter Bernie Sanders. I had been watching him,and reading about him toward the end of 2014. The youtubes started appearing. One, which stood out, in the beginning of 2015, stood out and gave me the chills, tears and goosebumps. It was Bernie handing Mr. Greenspan his ass for contributing to the collapse of the American economy by saving the Big Banks. It was pure poetry. The look on the gentleman’s face, behind Mr. Sanders is priceless. I was sold, but I had a new hobby. Following Bernie Sanders. When I found out he was running, I was beyond overjoy. I changed my affiliation (AGAIN!) to Independent, just to later find out the DNC would make him run as a Dem. One of the first tactics by the chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I changed BACK to Dem, for Bernie. As the campaign geared up and went into full swing, we witnessed a women who is ready for her coronation as the next, and first, woman president begin her tour of lies and flip flops led by DWS. They obviously are extremely out of touch. While Hill claims to have been a champion for civil rights, someone else was actually in the streets, getting arrested for standing up against the Willis Wagons. She was campaigning for Goldwater.


They counted on the sleeping boomers to pass down their indifference and lack urgency, to their children. They thought it was her turn. They all think it’s their turn. The people woke up, and thanks to the internet (something Hill warned her elites about), the info is out and blazing through people feeds. I had never donated money, let alone, time to any politicly affiliated action. I sent my first $3 in October. In Jan. I went to our local Bernie office and picked up my stickers and yard signs. I also pledged my vote to Bernie. A few days later, my fella donated $40 nd I picked up my shirt. The next day, I stood in line at our local high school to attend the Vegas rally. I was amazed!


If you have an ounce of common sense, you would see that this guy is for real, cut the crap, no bullshit. It makes me loath Hill, and all the rest, that much more. They would like to keep everything the way it is. It simply can’t continue. The rich, the elites, the banks, the corporation all fear him. The more they play dirty, the more they are seen for what they are. It’s time for a political revolution, one that you won’t see on TV. It is happening, now, and Bernie set the wheels in motion. I’m proud of the millennials, and even more so of the boomers that didn’t let the BIG RED SCARE and the twisting of the word socialism scare them into thinking they had no choice. The Cold War was one that was so convoluted and shady for all who were affected.

Social = For The People

Democracy = By The People

Pretty gawddamned simple.


Nevada was turned into a caucus by that asshole, Harry Reid and DWS. I attended, and I met Bernie. I was a nerd for Bern. Like he was Pee Wee Herman or Darth Vader, or Batman. Just a complete dork. He grabbed my hand. I do believe I was glassy. The seniors I had acquired in line, were laughing at me. It was just awesome, to me. I almost dropped my phone! All of this was seriously worth it. Every bit. I was at my old high school, voting for my hero, and he came to say hello. It doesn’t get any more amazing, does it?


Our precinct won for Bernie, and I became a delegate. I am a delegate for Bernie Sanders. I couldn’t be more proud, or feel more self worth, at this moment. He is the most electable. He is the only one that can take trump. These are the facts. Clyde Bellecourt, from Minneapolis, spoke (more like commanded attention, and rightfully got it) American Indian Center (Minneapolis, MN) about the fact that while everyone is all about civil rights, no one has ever, not once, stood up for the Native Americans. Guess what? Tara Houska, Ojibwe, was shortly appointed Native American adviser to Bernie Sanders.


The facts are facts. When they chanted ‘Bernie for President’ in Iowa, he simply stated ‘Not me. Us.’

Enough said.


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