We did it! We beat the cheat! Part I of The Celery Files

We took Nevada back from Hi//ary, and it was both exhausting and amazing. I waited in line, at our convention for three hours, before I reached the line to wait to check in. The Nev. Dem Party sent out emails, that were very misleading, a week prior, stating that ‘if we wanted to check in early, we could come the Friday night before the convention.

earlySee what I highlighted? This was false. And the friends that went, waited for 5 hours. And when they asked for info about this concern, they got blank stares. Well, the entire convention was run by the NVDP. They had no intention of giving Sanders’ supporters any info, at all. Had it not been for the massive networking, and passionate support, they would have succeeded disenfranchising 100s, if not, 1000s of Sanders’ supporters.

conv1The second letter, sent to me, stating I do not have to attend. Also, the party platform vote was scheduled for 8am, sharp. People were in line for 2 hours, who came early. I came at 10am, because I had all my paperwork printed and filled out. This didn’t benefit me, in the least bit. I still had to wait, but they sure did make it sound like we may have an express line for being prepared.

conv2They also made the email, with the link to attend, sound like you were required to pay, and sent you right over to the payment process, to get your ticket(s). Which is exactly what I did. Always read the fine freakin print!!! I did, but it didn’t register. It mentions a waiver, and I thought about it, but my time was running out to get my ticket, and I had the money.


Charging for this event was, and is, illegal. I paid $26.62, to the Dem Party of Nev., to whom I do not support. Nor, do I want to ever be a Dem. I am an Independent, and I have already been robbed of the right to vote as an Independent.


I’m wondering how the people in line, who understood they could attend the platform, wouldn’t be able to, due to the outcome of attendance?

conv7This guy, Chris Miller, proved to be an A1 asshole. More n him, later.

Birdie-Sanders-sticker-160329-500pxSo it began. I drove myself down, barely got parking, and headed to the line. The people who actually got to register the night before, got right on in. But the people that left, came to see the rest of the people who waited, and the line was massive. Bernie Sanders camp set up a huge food and water bank. They spent 5 hours passing out water and snacks to EVERYONE. Inside, they bought thousands of pizzas, from Dominos.


I saw her coming, and I grabbed my phone as fast as I could. This is Nina Turner. She came to speak for Bernie. She did more then that! She breathed life back into all of us, after the waiting, and the horrible audio, and the screens that were set up to low, and the full on blatant support for hi//ary. Conflict of interest, much???


We all started getting very upset with the handling of this. If it weren’t for the Bernie food bank, these old ass hi//ery supporters would be dropping off there seats! As a matter of fact, one person had a diabetic episode, and another passed out from dehydration. They should have not refused Bernie’s food and water!!! But, they should not have been expected to endure the long hours of bullshit. We started accumulating around the stage, and we started getting pissed. They did not expect questions, or the roar of our voices. And, no matter how many times these assholes spent trying to make the ‘math work’ we dominated. We stayed, and we roared. My fellow classmate from high school, and I can be seen hugging and jumping when the results were read off. Mind you, they kept us and additional 3 hours to choose delegates to go to the National Convention, in the back doors. The asshole, Chris Miller, could be heard saying ‘I will stay here until midnight, if I have to, so you just better go sit down.’ that is illegal. We did not go sit down. Our people went back and questioned why the delegates were being chosen this way. We were on them like flies on shit, every step of the way. We won. And it is evident the Dem Party was not pleased.

Bernie Takes Nevada

With all that said, we were in for the biggest snow job, in the history of voting. We didn’t know it yet, but hell was waiting for us, in May.



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