Welcome To Hell Part II of The Celery Files


May 14, at 5:40, I arrived to Shit Show #3, to register for the convention, the following morning. Who wouldn’t want to sit around with these demons, on a Saturday? Right? A day many kids were graduating, on, BTW. So, we waited for three hours to be led into a room that had four lines. Rather then just register all Dems, the evening started with division. She, to the right, Bernie to the left. The first line was for a nifty lanyard. Really? The second, was for your credentials. There was absolutely no organization, and my Bernie buddy wound up volunteering himself to inform the people in line, what line they needed to be in, and escorting ADA folks, to the front. He finally stopped and said “What the hell am I doing? Let them figure it out!’ except the ADA folks, of course. But, when he stopped, the lines intertwined, and about 30 celery supporters lined up on Bernie’s side, only to be told, once they got to the front, that they had to get back in line. They noticed the exit doors, behind the tables, and promptly left. A gentleman, by the name of Hector, and I locked eyes. Then we tried to not laugh. Then we burst into hysterics. We telepathically understood to just keep this to ourselves, and enjoy the moment. I mean, c’mon?!?! With all the rigging and snubbing of Bernie’s campaign, we felt justified. While waiting, one of celery’s volunteers were walking by with this clipboard. As we started to fill this out, he noticed we were for Bernie, and replied “you don’t have to fill that out.” I asked him why he was carrying it around, then? He didn’t answer, walked away, without collecting them. Do you see the question below? It is clear, to me now, that the NEVDEMS do not want Bernie supporters to be members of the SCC. It is, now, also clear to me, why the chose the Paris. I will get into that, later.

con_mayWe were told there would be a meeting about the platform, to be discussed, the following morning at 6am. Oh yay.


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