Part III of The Celery Files

OK. This took quite some time, because while I went through this fiasco, I still had life to tend to.I have finally put together enough notes to tell my tale, and put this behind me. And so it Begins…



I go to get my ticket. If you read part II, then you know the DCCC put a pay button on the page to ‘get’ your tickets, making everyone who wanted to go think they had to pay. I did. This time, I scrolled down.

ticketNotice in the paragraph that I underlined in red? There’s your waiver info. Notice how the email, in this paragraph, in particular, is not linked? Right above it, is the same address, but it is linked. I wish I would have saved the ticket page from the first convention. It stated that you may ‘request’ a waiver. WTH is that language. It is put in a such a way, that one might feel they are applying and may be denied??? But this is how they do.

waiverNotice the time on my ticket. 9pm.


 The Paris, May 14th, 2016.I arrived at 6 am, in order to get a parking spot (in a hotel, on a Saturday) in order to be available for the shady meeting they said would be happening. Of course, no one knew where that was. I stood in line until 8am. The tactics begin. And I love how there’s always some batshit crazy Shitlery supporter who wants to engage in a conversation with you, and then automatically decides y’all are friends and stays in line with you, because you are 10 people away from the entrance. Yeah, she got told to wait in line, like we all did, by several of us. I get in, and find my way to Bernie’s side. Up front, where you see the heavy ladies (remember these ladies), is the area designated for ‘rural Nevada’. Isn’t that cute? Clark County is the largest county in Nevada, and they put us in the back. Well guess who wasn’t giving anymore FUQS about their order? I sat three rows from the stage.

Here is a shot, from the stage view, of the convention.

con_IIWe all entered through a door, on the left. HER camp was set up on the left, Bernie’s on the right. The way they set it up, it made Bernie’s supporters have to walk through her camp, any time they needed to leave. Coincidence? I hardly think so. And HER asshole followers were as vocal as ever.

Here is the schedule for the day. Notice the  start time for the filing deadline? I would also like to point out that they scheduled this convention on Graduation day, for all of Las Vegas’ high schools. Really? REALLY???


This Prick


9am. It really begins. It begins without waiting for the deadline, while people are out there being told they aren’t registered. This was a delegate convention, meaning all delegates were elected at the caucuses, and had been registered since. They came the night before, to register, again. They came, that morning, to register, again, before the deadline. But Robber-ta went ahead and started the pledge, the National Anthem, and then proceeded to blab out some nonsense about her being a chair for life, started the convention, hit the gavel and introduced Barbara Bull Dog Boxer. This caused all of the Bernie delegates to race up and voice there frustrations.

beginsWhile we could not have given to shits about Babs Bulldog, she continued to speak, and proceeded to chastise us, by siting that she was a friend of Bernie’s and that by booing her, we were booing Bernie. She repeated this several times, and turned to HER side and announced ‘Victory! Victory for Shitlery!’ We went bonkers, but not in the way the media (asshole Ralston) had reported it. We were angry and passionate, and we would not sit down and be quiet. HER side didn’t even know what had just taken place. Well, here is another kicker. Look at the schedule, and see who was to be speaking first. That’s right, Nina Turner.

nina2We got a vote that voices would not be heard and then this…

Babs Bulldog Boxer


Listen to her lie, because she didn’t think Wolf would catch her. She, and the other two are so good at talking. And talking and talking, without ever saying anything that has true meaning.

boxerboxer3And as Babs Bulldog exited the stage, surround by security for extra dramatic effect, walking past the Bernie side, she blew us all kisses, smiling and laughing. Yes, that was a bitch move, and yes, that’s what I think of her.

Robber-ta and Babs Bulldog new what they were doing, and it was probably discussed at the meeting that they claimed we’d all have access to. So they shut out the remaining delegates, started early, rammed some bullshit committee rules, about changing the temporary rules, down our throats, threw salt on our wounds with the speaker switch, and just proceeded on down the line. We nayyed the loudest.

The Steam Roll

When it was our turn to speak on the floor, people lined up and spoke of starting the convention too soon, and to accept the people that were there before the deadline. Wat these people weren’t aware of, including me, was that Angie Morelli, our coordinator, if you will, had a stack of petitions to bring to the platform, and hand off to the chair. The folks took our speaking time, and Angie didn’t get her time. Robber-ta refused to let her speak, and refused these petitions, that they spent countless hours putting together, per DCCC rules, and getting the required amount of signatures. When Angie took out her bullhorn, Robber-ta called in her security goons, and proceeded to try and take her horn.

Now, look back at that schedule. See where we were to break off, the second time, and elect the delegates for the Philly convention? That says 2:30pm. Well, guess what? We didn’t break off until 7pm. I am not even joking. Meanwhile, we were subjected to more ridicule, chastising, demeaning, and belittlement by HER followers. An older man walked right up to me and told me to shut up and sit my ass down. Well, pardon me, but I did put a bird right in his face and told him what he could go do. At that point, I needed to breathe and remember that this was all part of their dirty tactics.

At 1pm, we were told to take a lunch break. Bernie had provided us a banquet room to sit in and have delicious sandwiches at. I decided to walk out into the lobby, to see if I could recognize anyone, since I came alone. A woman walks up to me and demands to know where I got my food. I smiled big, with a mouth full of turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, mustard, mayo and croissant, and proclaimed ‘Bernie Sandwiches!!!’ Her face twisted, as she snarled back ‘You can keep it!’ I added ‘He has roast beef, also!!!’ She flipped me off. I laughed, and enjoyed my lunch. I was so thankful for it, and for making it that far.her

himI walked back in, through the spiteful followers, and heard an older man asking some younger my we were upset? His answer? That we are radical and unruly. I think a cracked a molar. I went to sit back down, and I noticed someone had joined us. There were two older folks, sitting in ADD, that was the area right next to us, center stage view. When it was properly explained to them, what had just occurred, the lady got up, and left her husband’s side to join us. As more blabbing and gavelling went on, and more bullying and ignoring us, we meet this wonderful citizen. dickheadDisgusting POS was at the convention, prior, and was doing the same things, while eating our Bernie snacks and pizza. I’m sure it was because of people like him, that it was decided that we, in our good conscience, share our delicious sandwiches with people that go out of their ways, to treat us like garbage.  Then you had the gentleman that picked up a chair, after our mic was taken. Erin Bilbray and several other stood to speak, again, against the railroading. They were gavelled. The more we resisted, the more angry Robber-ta became. And when she felt she no longer had control, due to our ‘unruly-ness”, she grabbed the mic, calling for security. That there was a fight happening in the front row. Well, guess what? It was the older heavy lady, in the front row. She had collapsed because she was overwhelmed by the shinanagins that had already occurred, that day. But that was just an opportunity for Robber-ta. We had the votes tallied and read off to us, HER 1,695. Bernie 1,662. There was a minority report and Robber-ta decided that that wasn’t going to be heard, and made that lady step away from the podium. Another Chair member, then gave up his time to speak (thank you, sir.) and it was read that 64 delegates were denied entry and were not counted. Listen closely. This is where the man gave up his time to let the elected representative give minority report be heard. Listen to Robber-ta try to blurt out security, in a further attempt to stymie the report. HER side is the side she’s telling to please listen.

Minority Report

But, that didn’t matter, because Robber-ta decided she would not be recognizing or acknowledging that. We were told to break off and vote, it was 7pm. We were wearing out. Look, again, at the schedule. Adjourns at 6pm. At this point, no one could give a flying leap about who gets to go to Philly. BTW, they selected the eligible delegates, themselves, behind closed doors, at the first convention. I mention this in Part II. We just sit and steam, as they take their sweet time. I was getting ready to walk out, but since the caucuses, I had a real fear of if I ever left, something would happen that I couldn’t be there to stop. The stress levels are enough to send you to the hospital. We file back into the main room, at about 9pm. HER side is still voting on their delegates. When it came to the committees attention that we were done, and coming back, they, then tried to keep us out. Well, I was already in my seat. And a few of us noticed a couple of things. The AC was on, full blast, and there was a gathering of several LVPD officers, standing in the very back of the ballroom, with hotel security.


I was cold, tired, hungry. I wanted to be home. I missed my boyfriend, my dogs, my cat. I was on the verge of breaking down. I was angry and frustrated. It was announced, around 8pm, that we needed to count. What, I had no clue. I was the walking dead, but they asked me to help. I stood there, by the Bernie coordinators, for about 10 minutes, as a crowd of people, who had no clue, started gathering around us. I became incensed, and stormed back to my seat, spitting and cussing. It was then, a reporter turned her camera on me and began to ask questions, when a lady, I had become chatty with, shut her down and told her she will not be filming me at my worst and my ugliest. For those of you who know me well, knows how ugly and foul mouthed I can be when I’m that angry. Not that it has happened frequently, it’s the one or two times that will never be forgotten. I was saved from being immortalized by my emotions, and for that, I am grateful. The committee continued to stall. As we grew restless, and started chanting, again, I noticed a little girl running back to her seat, in front of me, in hysterics. Her mother was close behind her, and she looked visibly upset. The little girl joined the chant. She was 9 years old. One of Shittlery’s followers got into this little girls face and yelled at her. Scolded her for chanting. I was fit to be tied. I wanted to throat punch this person. I knew I needed to keep calm, or they would win. BTW, here was the box for the papers we voted on. Oh yeah, that’s right, we were voting on people. Election at large, perhaps. At this point, I’m done.con_II3Professionalism, at it’s finest. Our ballot box.

More stalling. They were counting. As this was happening, Angie Morelli approached a committee member, and asked him how any of this was democratic. His response will make you sick to your stomach. “This wasn’t meant to be democratic”.

Here’s how it ended.

Adjourned at 10pm, with the cops marching up to stand before us. The excuse was that the contract for the ballroom time was up. Really? You didn’t want to pay for more time, to wear us down, when the whole thing should have been over at 6pm? And the cops? They were called, because old Robber-ta knew she was going to screw us, good, for once and for all. As she ran off the stage, like the coward she really is, I was left standing there, looking around, devastated at what just took place, I noticed something. There were about 50 people left standing on her side. We had all of our people, still left standing on our side. They didn’t even have the majority of support for the majority of the vote. That beast voted aye, on behalf of herself.



We will never forget this day. The day Robber-ta Lange murdered democracy, and became Nevada’s most hated Democrat.

con_II7bern7For me, it didn’t end there. I was awakened, the next morning, by my boyfriend. He had his phone and he was saying look, look! Look on your FB! It was a pic of a TV screen, with me, front and center, booing, on FOX news in Florida!!! My brother saw me, and captured this. From Florida!!! The next day, my friend reported to me that I was on Dateline, from Pennsylvania. Holy Carp!!!
















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