My Nev. State Dem. Disenfranchisement Report

While I am still piecing together my part III, of the Celery Files, I have filed my Disenfranchisement form.


I have been putting all of my experiences in my blog, and it is taking some time to go through all of my notes and research. I can say at my caucus, for CD1, we were made to wait, in the heat, for over three hours. The chair would not let anyone in, because he couldn’t handle the crowd. Not even team captains. We had to force him to let the older people, and ADA, sit inside. From there, one of the registration volunteers were marking people’s ballots, for them, before handing them over to proceed to caucus. We had to wait and additional two hours to collect and correct those ballots.
At the State convention, the bias was clear. The night before, was preregistration. I received an email, from CCCD, that I didn’t have to do this. I also recieved an email, from CCCD, instructing me to pay for the convention. I paid, before learning that had I scrolled down, even further, there was an email I could copy/paste to request a waiver. Too late. I waited, that morning, for three more hours, in the heat. After several hours of ruling on rules, the Bernie side began to see shinanagins. Trying to change rules, in their party’s favor, and prolonging the convention, by having several discussions amongst themselves on the stage, and in the back room. We grew louder, and they became more and more upset with our behavior, as if being loud at a convention was against the rules? They took the lists of alternates and delegates to a back room, and Chris Miller and Joan Kato selected the national delegates THEMSELVES.
I registered the Friday night, prior to the Clark County Convention, this time. I waited for three hours, again, to be separated , as I entered the room to register. In the line, there were Clinton volunteers with papers on clipboards, as we were filling them out, he noticed we were there for Berni, and told us we didn’t have to fill them out. I took a pic, and have this paper. It had both candidates and uncommitted, to choose. Why were they walking around with them, then?
Next day, I find out many millennials, and their families, would not be in attendance due to graduation. Also, who wouldn’t love to get up and be at a convention at 6am? I got inline, and waited an hour. I had several Clinton people attempt to cut in front of me. I walked in, only to find that Clinton’s side was set up so that Bernie’s people had to walk through them to get in or out. I noticed that Rural Nev. was set up in front, on Bernie’s side. I sat, and waited. At about 9:30, Roberta Lang appeared, and spit out some crap about the caucus process being too much trouble, we were all on board. But then she blurtted out this new rule crap about her being the end all and be all of decision making, and we knew, but it was clear that Clinton’s side had no clue. And you can see a gentleman, up there behind Roberta, encouraging the Clinton side to scream louder. We knew, and we screamed our collective butts off. Her demeanor changed, and she was clearly unhappy with what was obvious. Bernie’s side was louder, but what’s more troubling, is that this was not to take place until 10am, and folks were still registering. I witnessed nasty behavior by the Clinton supporters, during this situation. Nina Turner was to come on, according to the program, but out came Boxer. She taunted us by claiming that Bernie was her friend, and claimed that if we booed her, we were booing Bernie. We were booing the vote! And now, after those statements, we were booing her. Especially after say yay for Hillary! yay! victory. We were denied to have our petitions read and considered, we were denied the motion of a divided floor, we were denied the motion to discuss the minority report. They split us up and had us elect out delegates for Philly, and as I walked back in to the main convention, I immediately noticed the air had been cranked up. this was about 9pm. They let us sit there until around 11:30, because they were counting ballots. Before you know it, Roberta comes out, ayes and nays herself, hits the gavel, the lights turn on and here comes LVMP.


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