After a year of seeing the ugliness in people, as far as the presidential race is concerned, I feel Like I am Feeling the Trauma. I will be sorting through all of my videos, and stories, so that I can finally catch up to my life, here, on the old blog. I have so many saved stories, that I seriously avoided looking into all of them. After the news of yesterday’s political horse shit, I felt it’s time to sort out my side of the story. If that woman gets her coronation, we can look forward to war in Syria, and that is a fact. They want that oil, and they want to force them into the World Bank. If I ever meet one of HER supporters, I will have plenty to say. Any follower of HER is absolutely NO FRIEND OF MINE. This is not a joke, it’s not rooting for your favorite team, or color. This is our lives, and the fact that we have to clean up after HER and HER followers messes is beyond disgusting. I will say this, to Jon Ralston, “HA. HA. YOU LIAR. You lost all of your journalistic integrity, when you lied about chairs being thrown at the Nevada Convention. This is your legacy, sir. Bravo. I hope it was worth it, ruining your career, because you don’t like Bernie, or his supporters. Real dick move, there, fella. You have been fired. All you have are your own trite reports, on the Twitter.” It is possible that the rest of the house of cards may fall, and I certainly hope they do.


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