Debbie Whatshername Schultz

What a Tangled Web We Weave,

When We Practice To Deceive.

She likes to talk talk talk talk talk, right? She lies, she scolds her interviewers, she deflects, she stands by her words while, at the same time, tells you they were taken out of context. Well, show us the entire context, please? She smears, then denies, then she can’t prove it. Here are a few examples that will hopefully send you off into the world of little debbie being caught on audio or video, being a total a complete liar. This is who represents the DNC and their views on how dumb they think we are.



Here she is, lying. And say what she says was taken out of context, by the Examiner. You heard it. I heard it. He heard it. She heard it. What we have never heard was the rest. And there isn’t anymore. It doesn’t matter, so much, what the ambassador said, as it does, what she was quoted, verbatim, saying and then denying, while not taking back what she says.. Another lie. She doesn’t regret it, or take it back. It was the Examiner’s fault. She made the comment, and she is now a liar. Then we have the teleprompter, already set for the yay vote on the God and Jerusalem platform. Oh, and how and who took it out in the first place??? Quite a fumbling and no recovery. Liar, again.

Well, she did the same thing to Romney. She says what she says doesn’t matter. What she believes is to say whatever it takes to smear the Republican nominee. She understands, but her smear makes her case. Mitt is disingenuous, but she is golden. It’s ok to misquote the LA Times in favor of her slander.

It’s uncomfortable, at times, to watch. But she has no regrets, and no worries. Teflon.


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