A little recap of the DNC Shit Show 2016

From a DNC delegate:

“We sit through dozens of speeches every day at breakfast and at the convention by high ranking officials in the DNC elected and appointed. Many of them have specifically recognized the corruption in the party that did everything it could to keep Bernie from winning the primary and apologized to us. They said it wasn’t fair. They said wonderful things about Bernie. Then they said it’s time to be united for Hillary. The walk out for most of us wasn’t about Bernie. It was the fact they, even the new DNC chair, admit to election fraud, apologize and do nothing. No, worse than nothing because they are asking us to condone and support this. They are basically asking us to be an accessory after the fact to a felony. That is why I walked out.”

UPDATE: “The convention tonight had a hostile feel. People were dressed up, grumpy and looked down on the workers and Berners. Some were incredibly rude. Almost half of everyone you see on TV sitting in the delegate sections were paid actors/seat fillers. Many of the speakers were visibly upset when they endorsed her and delivered their scripted speeches with an empty enthusiasm. Bernie delegates were called names, yelled at, and had their signs ripped out of their hands. A few Hillary supporters would say hello back and smile. For the most part the only nice people were the police and the alternative news crews including the foreign news.

The protesters at FDR park: crossing through the gate was a little scary. Once I was on the other side people smiled and said hello. It gave me a nice warm feeling. There is a tent town where one of the three kitchens and water stations are. Pallets of water bottles and they not only feed the thousands there everyday but also go into the community and feed the homeless. They don’t charge anything. Some comes from local restaurants donating food.

A middle class man sold his house and used the money to feed and give water to the protesters. He is living in the tent city now. As I walked around people smiled, said hello or thank you if they recognized me. There were no fights or yelling or belittling. Everybody was helping each other. The police and alternative reporters were nice. There were a couple of trouble makers not part of the movement. The nice police removed them without incident or unnecessary force. Some people were for Bernie, most for Jill, but there were supporters of Johnson and Hillary there also. Everyone was welcome. One lady had a Hillary t-shirt, hat and pin. She walked around checking things out. People smiled and said hello to her.

If these were two different worlds which one would you choose?”

via Dottie Sisco


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