A Review, and a Commercial…

I just came back from my shoot, in North Carolina. I was hired to do a commercial, based on a review I wrote. They eventually Skyped me, and that sealed the deal. The company asked for pics of my wardrobe and the interior of our home. They wanted as much of my style in the scene, as possible. They flew me out, and gave me per diem to eat and drink. I stayed at the Sheraton Charlotte Hotel, on a Thursday, and decided to just get settled in, since I was to be up in the morning, for wardrobe. I was picked up and taken to the offices for wardrobe approval. We all agreed my own clothes worked for the shoot. So cool! Later, I was able to walk over the to the Trader Joe’s at The Metropolitan, in downtown. That was a walk that felt like I was in Dante’s Inferno. Charlotte is EXTREMELY humid, as Las Vegas is EXTREMELY arid. So that was an amazing and risky adventure. The walk was gorgeous, though. The Flora was something I’ve never seen. There were trees with beautiful pastel berries, high grass, vines, flowers, and even a stream with a quaint walk/bike path. The Met is basically all stores and businesses gathered in the downtown blocks. I’m not sure how many blocks, but it’s pretty huge. I purchased the usual items; Prosecco, Mandarin Soda, Lime Soda water, chicken liver mousse and crackers, baby bells, a couple of salads, and a bag of Nutty Bits. I wound up in bed, all evening, from a tinge of heat stroke. No Prosecco. Besides, my shoot was the next morning. I was able to see that I was directly across from the NASCAR Museum and the great Charlotte football stadium was near by. The park, that separated me from the Museum, had a huge pond with pink flowers falling in it, from the tress that surrounded it. My shoot was in a Mid Century Modern home, in the Sherwood Forrest. I was completely tickled by that. I delivered my lines in about 10 takes. After, I got to see more of the neighborhoods and buildings. I wish I had my phone charged up enough for more pics. Back to my room to drink my sparkling wine and sodas. I meandered down to the lobby and met a few people. I called a friend and told her about them, and they talked on the phone. After my drink was finished, I retired for the evening. How tame of me! Took my shower, situated and repacked my luggage and reflected on what an out of the blue opportunity I had commanded into my life. Charlotte, North Carolina, it was a pleasure and an honor! And now, to add another pin in my map of places I’ve visited. I have pics that I am not permitted to share, on social networks. The commercial, itself, is finished and ready to start it’s campaign on Monday. It’s fabulous and mortifying, all at once. Thank you, Gazelle.Com


Maybe I’ll Ps my pics, and post them, here, later. Maybe.





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