Raising a Kid and Breezeway Baubles™

I have joined the ranks of rearing a grand child, as so many of my friends and others are winding up doing. It has become an epidemic. I don’t know where my parent friends went wrong in their own raising of their children, as so many have grown to be entitled and addicted to opioids and heroin. While a baby is a joy, because I’m still merely and the grand parent, it takes it’s toll. You give up everything you do. No going out, that is for sure. The kid comes first, especially in a time of need and crisis. But, yeah, I nap with the baby, sometimes, but not often. I exercise, using the baby. I run around like mad, cleaning and doing all the things I can’t, when the wee one is awake. It’s pretty insane, but I have no complaints. The smile I get, when her face lights up after waking up, is priceless. So here is a big SALUTE to mom’s, blood or surrogate, we rock!

I did, however, manage to create and brand a new jewelry line called Breezeway Baubles, and I’m totally stoked about that. Taking pics for my Etsy shop, on the next break I get. I have a photo collage, from Google. These were taken for my Facebook page as sort of a soft opening. I made some sales that day! Awesome. Enjoy 😉

Breezeway Baubles


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