What’s in Your Bullet?

My favorite, so far, is green. Banana, spinach, turmeric, frozen pineapple bits and this; Minced Ginger from The Ginger People.

Organic Minced Ginger

It changed my life, and saved my thumbs from the grater.


Haus of Yum! on Pinterest!

I have managed to make several recipes, from Pinterest.

Haus of Yum!

The Party


Wakey Wakey


Soups and Sammies

Gone Fishin

It’s All About The SAUCE

South of the Boarder, Down Mexico Way

Mambo Italiano

Ensalata Fresca




Sunday Bloody Sunday; A Bloody Mary Brunch From Hell

I will have to say that I make a mighty fine bloody. I started making them at my first bar job, back in ’98, and they keep getting better, every time I make another. I suppose I’m skilled because this is one of my personal favorites. Whatever style you like, be it a Bloody Caesar, tomato juice, or my secret mix, I’ll make it better than you ever had it. The trick is to make the traditional mix, starting with tomato juice, and then go from there. People tend to over think the sauce, and that can get you into murky waters, or sauce. The more you add, the more complicated it becomes, and that’s just not what this drink is about. Keep it simple and remember that you may be serving your guest the hair of the dog.  You can always keep the basic mixture in the fridge, and make them, to order and your guests preference. If you like a Caesar, Clamato is OK, but I’d rather keep a jar of clam juice on hand. I’m not a fan of heavy pepper in a bloody, either. A pinch of pepper and salt, horseradish, and celery salt. Then, you can add anything you like. I like to keep a supply of garnish, on hand, for my Sunday Bloody Sunday cocktail brunch. That includes grape tomatos, cherry tomatos, assorted peppers, stuffed green olives, pearl onions, cooked shrimp, green beans, celery sticks, snap peas, and I have been recently introduced to little smokies and cheese curds…holy shit, right? Hence ‘brunch’.   I will not include my secret ingredient (apologies, but if you experiment enough, you’ll find your own! Trust), but I will say that a crispy piece of bacon will make even the dullest bloody into a decent cocktail ; ) Cheers!

I will go the extra mile just to make the best.

I will go the extra mile just to make the best.