We’re a Happy Family!

We're a Happy Family!

Road dogs!…er….I mean Road Mutts! This is probably my fav pic and my fav, trip, even though it was work. Venice Beach is filthy and disgusting, and so are the many people that live there, with one or two acceptions. Bye Bye POS !!! Oh, and thanks for the bike you bought me, or f@#! trophy. Every girl gets one! Even boner garage! Hooray for free parking.

Kate and Ella Rea


Do you know who these important Anaheim sisters are?Katella Avenue gets its name from Kate and Ella Rea whose father owned a walnut ranch on land currently occupied by part of Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure, and the Anaheim Convention Center. John Rea purchased the property in 1896 and named the ranch after a combination of his daughters’ names – Kate and Ella. Both sisters lived long, happy lives and impacted the city of Anaheim in many ways. Kate graduated from the University of California Berkley in 1901 and became a teacher at Anaheim Union High School. She also helped to establish the Anaheim Public Library and the PTA in Orange County.The Victorian house where they lived (when this photo was taken, around 1900) survives today, beautifully restored, in Anaheim’s historic “Mother Colony” – a mile north of Disneyland.

copied from the Anaheim Historical Society’s FB page

Secret Drink at The Napa Rose

Can you keep a secret? The elegant Napa Rose Restaurant in the Grand Californian Hotel at the Disneyland Resort has a secret cocktail you won’t find on the menu, but can only order by name. Created by the Disney mixologists at the Napa Rose, the “Kate & Ella” (a citrus-y martini-style beverage) is a delicious tribute to some local Anaheim history.In the late 1800s, John and Margaret Rea, and

their daughters Kate and Ella, owned and worked a vast walnut farm on land where the hotel and restaurant currently sit. Katella Avenue, which borders the southern edge of the Disneyland Resort, is a combination of the girls’ names.

Some fifty years later, Walt Disney purchased a portion of the original Rea ranch land, and today it encompasses a small chunk of Disneyland Park (including the Jungle Cruise “hipo pool”), all of Downtown Disney, nearly half of DCA (River Rapids, Paradise Pier, etc) and the entire Anaheim Convention Center!

If you dine at Napa Rose, raise a glass to Kate & Ella and think of all those beautiful walnut trees that used to grow right where you’re sitting!

Just don’t tell anyone. This is our secret!

copied from the Anaheim Historical Society’s FB page

Tiki Oasis

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We headed to Palm Springs and had a blast! Because we had a suit, we stopped at Trader Joe’s on the way and picked up several pre made frozen foods such as pizzas, pastas, taquitos, enchiladas,etc. Not to mention some good beer and a big bottle of Honey Baron! Off to Palm Spring’s Caliente Tropics. […]

Los Calavera Ceramic Skulls

These are the best hand painted ceramic and paper mache Day of The Dead skulls ever! I get these little works of art for gifts and presents to myself. They are perfect!!! I found them on the Venice Boardwalk and others are trying to copy them. But no one can compare to the unique style of Javier & Sandra. The pieces are one of a kind originals and are there on the weekends, only. The next time you find yourself in Venice, make sure you make your way up the boardwalk and find them. The skulls are lined up on a blanket like gravestones at the cemetery.


They have disappeared. I’m glad that I got as many as I did from them. Everyone I know received them, from me, as gifts.

My skulls.

My skulls.