The Box of Light

I worked on it, all morning. I found an old white flat sheet, and used it to wrap the top, back and bottom of the box. I trimmed away the extra overlaps, in the front. Masking tape was my go to for attaching everything. I taped the tissue paper on the inside of the box, on each side. This way, I can grip the box when I need to move. Also, it allows for room to attach both my lights. All that is left is the backgrounds. A few pieces of poster board in white, black, and maybe a teal color should do it. The shoot is just around the corner.

The ball is rolling.


So Busy! The Baubles are Buzzing.

I have been working on so many projects, I’d like to share some. I’ll start with what inspired me to get in shape, and keep the baby occupied. Get in shape!

Since I’ve started my jewelry line, it was important for me to stage photo shoots to showcase my pieces. I have gone through several stages.

As you can see, many stages. Displaying, packaging, lighting. So I have built myself a lightbox, and am currently researching materials that are the most similar to tissue paper, because I’m clumsy and will destroy paper.

Displays are being built, while I go forward with finishing the box. I am looking to vend, as soon as everything is ready, and the pieces have all been shot, in the box. I am pretty jazzed about it. What I did to pass the time, while I was sick for two months, turned into massive inventory. And it has become quite a process. The next phase in my creations will be actually making my own jewelry. For now, the craft store is so good to me, but it’s easy to get similar ideas when you have like minds shopping the same supplies. I’ve definitely set out to be as original as I can possibly be. Customizing is the only way to avoid similarities. Thankfully, I don’t have that issue with my macrome, since the beads are dead stock from a store, here, that closed in the 80s. And I’m always on the lookout for deadstock macrome beads and cord!

I was surprised with a new display, yesterday, and all I can say is HE TOTALLY GETS ME!!!!

The trading co has been a running theme, for many years. I am working on the lettering for the carved wooden sign, earring displays and neck templates are in the works. But the displays have me absolutely giddy. display

So amazingly awesome and on point. Life is grand, when your partner in crime knows what to do, without so much as a convo. Having that kind of help and support is key to any small business, otherwise, do everything yourself.

Raising a Kid and Breezeway Baubles™

I have joined the ranks of rearing a grand child, as so many of my friends and others are winding up doing. It has become an epidemic. I don’t know where my parent friends went wrong in their own raising of their children, as so many have grown to be entitled and addicted to opioids and heroin. While a baby is a joy, because I’m still merely and the grand parent, it takes it’s toll. You give up everything you do. No going out, that is for sure. The kid comes first, especially in a time of need and crisis. But, yeah, I nap with the baby, sometimes, but not often. I exercise, using the baby. I run around like mad, cleaning and doing all the things I can’t, when the wee one is awake. It’s pretty insane, but I have no complaints. The smile I get, when her face lights up after waking up, is priceless. So here is a big SALUTE to mom’s, blood or surrogate, we rock!

I did, however, manage to create and brand a new jewelry line called Breezeway Baubles, and I’m totally stoked about that. Taking pics for my Etsy shop, on the next break I get. I have a photo collage, from Google. These were taken for my Facebook page as sort of a soft opening. I made some sales that day! Awesome. Enjoy 😉

Breezeway Baubles

Pyrex For Sale

Before this gets posted to Etsy…

Blue 402 $15, Butterfly Gold 401 & 402 $20, Crazy Daisy 441 $15, Culver Pyrex Platter 3 Quart $40, Pink Stripe 401 $12, Regency Sugar Bowl $8, FireKing Targets $30, Three Woodland 474s One lid (has a minimal chip on the handle) $32, JAJ Yellow Gooseberry 442 $19

p_bluep_butterfly p_crazy p_culver p_pink p_regency p_targets p_woodland p_yellow

Pyrex Looney Toons and Spaghetti Poodles.

I have been collecting a ton of glass, for the past several months. It’s lots, like these, that cost the less then what Good Will would charge.


I am so very fortunate to be a part of these local FB groups, and even more blessed to have gotten to know most of the ladies, personally.

Earlier this week, I scored on another lot of spaghetti poodles and chalk ware planters.  This are things that seem to come and find me. I think I counted 9, plus the poodle bank she’s throwing in. She says she’s moving onto a huge parcel of land, into a tiny home to retire in, soon. How cool? Right?

Cute Info




Premiere: Stromae’s “Carmen”

I’m not much of a Tweeter. But, this doesn’t mean it’s not FaceBook, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other social network site. Pretty astounding and poignant. I, myself, am guilty of running my phone into the ground with the time I spent on so many sites, and Angry Birds. I have been known to be a runner, so, I ran into that. I’ve probably wasted a year of my life, with it all combined. A whole year! Never mind the rest of life’s day-to-day distractions and wasting of time. I have learned to set aside time to ‘play’ when the work is done. Not before and not during. And certainly not before bed.


Stromae warns of the tweetpocalypse in his new music video for “Carmen,” premiering exclusively on BuzzFeed Music.

Now available on Vevo:

Learn more about this amazingly animated clip: