The Next Step

Now that the light box is part of the process, I have moved onto bigger ideas. As I have mentioned, getting my feet wet with making jewelry was so easy to do, thanks to crafts stores. Truth be told, I’m not new at this, either. I used to make beaded necklaces and beaded hair wraps for those hippies, when the Dead started coming to Vegas. I made a lot of money…those hippies were rich.

With that said, I have seen the same materials and supplies used, by others, and it doesn’t bother me, I’m fairly certain there are those that I have used the same bits and pieces, after they did. So it is time to make my own, right? My plan, all along, I just got really addicted to stringing up beads, I had to stop and refocus on my research, and what it was I would be doing.

So, if I wanted a pendant, or charm, I’d hit up the store. I would get something like this pendant, which I adore. Now, I have learned how to make this pendant, and others. resin

Not too shabby, for the first run. But I’m not stopping there. I intend to completely able myself to make whatever it is I need. So, molds are next. And it won’t stop there. I just can’t get too far ahead of myself. When your planning to build a new business, and you work everyday to fill it up with inventory, you need to write down the steps of the process, how far you want to take it, and you might as well make the short and long term goals apparent in those notes. This will give you a vision, rather then a light, at the end of the tunnel. I will ad another blog post about the steps I took. Now, back to sanding and finishing these bits.


So Busy! The Baubles are Buzzing.

I have been working on so many projects, I’d like to share some. I’ll start with what inspired me to get in shape, and keep the baby occupied. Get in shape!

Since I’ve started my jewelry line, it was important for me to stage photo shoots to showcase my pieces. I have gone through several stages.

As you can see, many stages. Displaying, packaging, lighting. So I have built myself a lightbox, and am currently researching materials that are the most similar to tissue paper, because I’m clumsy and will destroy paper.

Displays are being built, while I go forward with finishing the box. I am looking to vend, as soon as everything is ready, and the pieces have all been shot, in the box. I am pretty jazzed about it. What I did to pass the time, while I was sick for two months, turned into massive inventory. And it has become quite a process. The next phase in my creations will be actually making my own jewelry. For now, the craft store is so good to me, but it’s easy to get similar ideas when you have like minds shopping the same supplies. I’ve definitely set out to be as original as I can possibly be. Customizing is the only way to avoid similarities. Thankfully, I don’t have that issue with my macrome, since the beads are dead stock from a store, here, that closed in the 80s. And I’m always on the lookout for deadstock macrome beads and cord!

I was surprised with a new display, yesterday, and all I can say is HE TOTALLY GETS ME!!!!

The trading co has been a running theme, for many years. I am working on the lettering for the carved wooden sign, earring displays and neck templates are in the works. But the displays have me absolutely giddy. display

So amazingly awesome and on point. Life is grand, when your partner in crime knows what to do, without so much as a convo. Having that kind of help and support is key to any small business, otherwise, do everything yourself.